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Resurrecting the blog

I was looking back at my blog and so grateful for the insight into my thoughts and life from years ago.  It is time to start it up again.  So here I am.  Can't even begin to fill in the gaps except with the real short summary. I now have 8 kids and my husband serves as Bishop of our ward.  That means that we are very, very busy. This fall I am looking forward to 2 kids in each school- 2 in high school, 2 in middle school and 2 in elementary and 2 at home.
I am certainly busy and have no time to blog so we will see where this goes.
Things that I love that we are doing in our family:
Camping: We have been on 2 camping trips this year.  Our family is learning to love the outdoors and the wonder and experiences that we can have.  Mom and Dad love the price and watching the kids work together to hike and set up camp
Using hymns: We are getting better at using music(singing) to help bring peace to our home at certain times like family scriptures and prayer.  It is far from perfect but with my kids growing up and learning to sing harmony, there are a few perfect moments.
Accountability: We have the kids fill out charts daily to account for jobs and positive behavior. This determines their commission/allowance.  It can be a lot overwhelming but we know that it is a good thing.  
 Paying down debt: We have been working hard most recently to pay down debt which is only our home mortgage.  It has led to us being good at budgeting and planning and we can see the difference in our total owed.  And the blessings have been pouring in like refinancing for 2.75%.  


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Book of Mormon Party

And it came to pass that after 2.5 years of trials, mummuring, and tribulation that our family completed the Book of Mormon. Yeah!!! So it was time for a party. Our family voted and we decided that the reward for all of our early morning reading would be a ski trip. But I also wanted a little more to celebrate this momentous occasion.
My creativity was at a low but here was what I came up with. We had Mexican food take out because it was Native food.(Of course my husband had to point out that we really don't know where the Nephites lived but...) We had Lemuel and Lamanade Punch (Lemon and limeade) We made Nephite/Lamanite headbands and the kids each decorated their own. I made the Title of Liberty. I decorated with pictures from our Gospel art picture kit. And to make dessert easy on myself we had promised land sundaes where the Nephites(vanilla ice cream) and Lamanites (hot fudge) lived in harmony.(Kind of a lousy idea but I really didn't want to make a plates of gold cake.) It w…


Time just keeps flying by and doesn't wait for me to blog about it.  There have been a lot of changes around here in the last few months.
To start off Dave, James and I went with him to Guatemala.  We had a fabulous time!  We were there for Semana Santa(Holy Week leading up to Easter).  It was great to observe all the cultural at that time.  It felt like Christmas morning to me.  We also made it to a Mayan ruin Iximche.  The city that we stayed in was fabulous.  Old with 40 plus ruins and cobblestone streets.  We walked everywhere, bartered for some great stuff and ate great food.  We were very excited to come home and I certainly missed my other kiddos especially Matt.

Have other exciting news for another time.  Hopefully a little closer together than my last posts:)