Saturday, June 10, 2017

Resurrecting the blog

I was looking back at my blog and so grateful for the insight into my thoughts and life from years ago.  It is time to start it up again.  So here I am.  Can't even begin to fill in the gaps except with the real short summary. I now have 8 kids and my husband serves as Bishop of our ward.  That means that we are very, very busy. This fall I am looking forward to 2 kids in each school- 2 in high school, 2 in middle school and 2 in elementary and 2 at home.
I am certainly busy and have no time to blog so we will see where this goes.
Things that I love that we are doing in our family:
Camping: We have been on 2 camping trips this year.  Our family is learning to love the outdoors and the wonder and experiences that we can have.  Mom and Dad love the price and watching the kids work together to hike and set up camp
Using hymns: We are getting better at using music(singing) to help bring peace to our home at certain times like family scriptures and prayer.  It is far from perfect but with my kids growing up and learning to sing harmony, there are a few perfect moments.
Accountability: We have the kids fill out charts daily to account for jobs and positive behavior. This determines their commission/allowance.  It can be a lot overwhelming but we know that it is a good thing.  
 Paying down debt: We have been working hard most recently to pay down debt which is only our home mortgage.  It has led to us being good at budgeting and planning and we can see the difference in our total owed.  And the blessings have been pouring in like refinancing for 2.75%.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Time just keeps flying by and doesn't wait for me to blog about it.  There have been a lot of changes around here in the last few months.
To start off Dave, James and I went with him to Guatemala.  We had a fabulous time!  We were there for Semana Santa(Holy Week leading up to Easter).  It was great to observe all the cultural at that time.  It felt like Christmas morning to me.  We also made it to a Mayan ruin Iximche.  The city that we stayed in was fabulous.  Old with 40 plus ruins and cobblestone streets.  We walked everywhere, bartered for some great stuff and ate great food.  We were very excited to come home and I certainly missed my other kiddos especially Matt.
Alfombras all over the streets in Antigua.  People were making these all day and night before each procession.  Some were made with fruit/veggies and pine needles but most were colored sawdust.  One of my favorite parts about our trip was seeing the community come together for the celebration.

Making the Alfombras with a stencil and sawdust

Many of the Guatemalan women and girls wear traditional clothing.  These two girls made me homesick for mine.


Inspiration for my new fascination with Nutella at a crepe restaurant in Antigua

The Romans in the Easter procession

In front of one of the floats
Have other exciting news for another time.  Hopefully a little closer together than my last posts:)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Playing catch up

Where to start when you haven't blogged for so long??
Quick update
Christmas- good day and kept it simple this year.  I loved it.

Thomas' birthday- Made it to the snow this year
His new birthday Bike
Sisters Retreat- Thankful that I have such great sisters and made me sad that I don't get to enjoy them more often
Jimmy and Cousin Annie about 3 months  and nearly 3000 miles apart
January- everyone was healthy!!!
Beautiful California Winter day Fun in the leaves
Still trying to figure out how I finally got a BALD baby.

FINALLY a smile from Matt in the bath tub.  He finally likes his baths now that he has a bath buddy.(He seriously has mostly screamed during them for the last nearly 3 years)  Just don't mention washing his hair.
February-Dave is in Thailand and Australia for much of the .  Thanks to lots of prayers and good friends we are surviving.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


For as much time as Lily spent in that thing, I think this is the only picture
I reread my last post and thought it made things sound worse than it actually was.  It was a crazy 2 months but I just kept laughing about everything. Seriously, am I not enough of a spectacle getting my 6 kids out of the car and to the school that I need to add a wheelchair and a 5 year old with a cast.  Certainly got more sympathy than ever and people offering to help us.

James pre-procedure
We had James' appointment for a bronchoscopy 2 weeks ago and everything looks good.  He certainly has the laryngomalacia but everything else looks the way it should.  So now the diagnosis is just time like 1-2 years and he should just grow out of it.  It is great to know that he is doing so well.  He is a very noisy little boy but he is as chubby and pink as ever.  He is also the best baby ever.  He is so patient in the morning as we scramble around the house feeding everyone else, doing hair, packing lunches, etc.  He sleeps like a champ and loves to smile and laugh.  We are certainly grateful for little Jimmy.

Lily has her cast off and nearly two weeks later is still hobbling around but certainly getting better.  It is kind of a good thing that she can't run because she is not supposed to anyways for the next month.

Dave is done with the tomato season!!!!!!  We are so glad to have Dad back again.  It means that he runs the kids to school in the morning and makes it home in time for dinner.  I am sure that the kids will notice a marked difference in mom's stressed out level.  In one of our better parenting moments when the kids were fighting over where to sit at the dinner table for the bagillionth time, Dave said "Fine then we will just have a military dictatorship where I tell everyone where they have to sit and you do it.  How would you like that?"  Tom pipes up "Well at least there would be target practice.  So that would be good."

Target Practice for Tom and Jake at the LDS Camporee
2 teeth lost in 1 week.  We learned that the Tooth Fairy takes conference Sunday as a holiday cause she missed a night there.

The box was 1000 bucks but the fridge was free.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When it rains, it pours

So this month has just been incredible.  We made it through the stomach flu, we are getting good at the whole broken leg thing so now it was time for some more fun.
This morning I woke up to a puddle on my kitchen floor and what do you know my fridge is dying and it also looks like Lily has strep throat so she stayed home today.  Are you kidding me?  Did I mention that on top of all the craziness in my life my husband is working crazy 6 and 7 day weeks and long hours.

Thank goodness for a sense of humor, some money in the bank to cover emergencies, and a Heavenly Father.  I feel like there is some lesson I am supposed to be learning but I guess I haven't learned it yet cause it is still pouring.  I will say that I have felt immensely blessed in my capacity to deal but my home is in chaos and I am not getting to all the things I want to do.  Don't get me wrong, I know that what I am dealing with is nothing compared to what other people have going on in their life.  My kids are healthy, we have a roof over our heads and plenty to eat and my husband has a good job.  I have much to be grateful for.  I am grateful for Lily's incredible fortitude.  She has been through so much since school started but she is a real trooper.  Certainly an example to me of how we can be more like little children and also more like our Savior.

I am especially grateful for the opportunity this weekend to spend quieting my kids so that we can hear a living prophet speak.  I know that I will be filled spiritually.  And boy do I need it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to defrost your freezer and blog about it in 20 minutes or less

Just wanted to pass along the best idea I discovered for defrosting your freezer.  If you keep a freezer in the garage for extras, haul it out to your driveway.  Get a hose and some towels and rags.  Spray the inside of the freezer with the hose and you will have the ice melted in 5 minutes or less.  No banging, no hot pans of water, and wet puddles under the freezer.  Then  wash and wipe it dry and put it away.  It will take you longer to get the freezer to the driveway then it takes to defrost it but it is totally worth it.

One other great thing I learned this week,  substitute half the flour in your pancake recipe with graham cracker crumbs.  Serve with fresh fruit and cream and you will be sooooo happy that you did.

Last great tip of the day, don't let your 11 yr old "sonic bounce" your 5 year old cause someone may end up with a broken leg.  Said broken leg may just make your life incredibly challenging because all you need is a 5 year old who can't walk for 1 month in addition to a wild 2 year old and an infant in a carrier.  You won't end up going anywhere for multiple weeks except to the orthopedic.  But the 5 year old will enjoy an extra birthday that year as she is given lots of gifts to amuse herself as she sits on the couch. She even got the extra extra special gift of the stomach flu on her first day home with the cast.  That had to be my best day ever.  But we are adjusting to life with Lily in a cast and wheelchair.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


When James was 10 days old we took him in to his pediatrician.  We brought him in for a check up but we were also concerned about his breathing.  He was making lots of noise.  Not a noise that you would never hear a normal healthy baby make, but he was making them all the time.  The pediatrician listened to him and was very concerned.  I am not sure how she would have reacted if he had not been born with a midwife at home, but she said we needed to go to a hospital right away with him.  So we were told to bring him to the NICU because he was so small.  We brought him in and right away our fears were calmed.  He had plenty of oxygen and he had already exceeded his birth weight. But the hospital wanted to keep him overnight to monitor and make sure every thing looked okay.  He was noisy most of the time that we were there and I was told to burp him better cause he was full of gas.  Also we did xrays, blood work and even had an ENT scope his throat.  But we didn't get any answers at that time but they sent us home with confidence that his health wasn't compromised and that we could coordinate care with our ped.

So at a follow up appt a few days later with my ped, she seemed mostly unconcerned and said to come back for his 2 month appt in about 7 weeks.  We were slightly concerned with her now downplaying the same symptoms that sent us to an ICU at the beginning of the week but also felt confident in our skills to watch his health i.e. color/oxygenation and weight gain.  And I was still seeing my midwife and James was getting weighed every 2 weeks.

When we finally made it back to our ped at 2 months, she recommended a pediatric ENT. After doing the specialist waiting game, we went on Tuesday to the ENT and he did a laryngoscopy and found that James has laryngomalacia or floppy larynx.  For some babies this would satisfactory diagnosis and they would be told that they just need to wait it out and that he would be better from 6 months to 2 years as the cartilage of his larynx gets stronger.  The problem though is that he also has chest retraction nearly every time that he breathes.  You can visibly see his chest and the little spot above his collar bone go in with each breath.  For the rest of us that is a trip to the emergency room as you would be in serious respiratory distress.  So we need to have a bronchoscopy to see why he has to work so hard to breath.  The good news is that in spite of all that is going on he is a very healthy little boy with great color and great weight gain.  But long term this is a problem that needs to be corrected.

We feel very blessed that he is still a healthy little boy and a very sweet one at that.  Hopefully in Oct when we get the bronchoscopy we will have more answers.